26 July, 2011

Start of a New Era

So, here we go. I started this blog for you, my fans... no not really *hah*, but for my family and friends at home that I so regularly tend to (unknowingly--mostly) leave out of the loop. Hopefully this will be a place where I can update you with what's going on in my life and the like.

As many of you know, I moved to Alabama two *count them TWO* months ago. It doesn't really seem like that long, but I can't believe it has been. At first, getting used to stuff down here was quite the adjustment... you can just ask my patient fiancee... he got the nice short end of the stick on this one. Let's just say... I didn't take it well *there... I said it*. Today, however, I realized that I'm actually starting to enjoy it down here. I have made friends and started to actually venture out on my own. At first I thought getting a job lined up was going to help in this area *boy was I wrong*... but it's been a nice, keep me busy, distraction.

Beyond the normal, work and taking one day at a time, I have continued on wedding stuff... even if I put it on hold for a month. I'm almost done putting together invitations *yay!*... which are GORGEOUS, I might add. Other than that... there isn't really much to do anymore... at least until I go home a bagillion times. I already have my first trip scheduled for *let the trumpets sound--duh-dudu-da!* August 23rd through September 3rd! I'm so SOOO excited to see everyone! I have missed you all so much! Then I should be making a trip home in October, beginning of December, then *of course*, the end of December for the Wedding! Saying all goes according to plans... that is. I think we are even driving... which means we get to do that fun 14 hour drive again! *goody*

Anywho, I think that is all to report for now, i'm sure the next will be quite riveting and more to the details *oh the details*... which you want to know more about then the vague overarching two month span of time I have lapsed, i'm sure. I will see you all so soon! Hugs and kisses! *yes for real... I miss you THAT much ;-)*

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  1. Let's see if I'm smart enough to figure out comments :) Very tough stuff moving so far and with few ppl you know. We all miss ya here too - because I'm a music nerd, I CAN here what those trumpets sound like! Off to coffee...Starbucks, mmmm...