10 August, 2011

Craziness With A Side Of Spastic

Hello all!

It has been a couple weeks, but it's definitely been craaaaaazy busy! We just changed our pool schedule since school is officially in session *as of yesterday* down here and that means I am working more (darn... who can really complain about more money!?). Maybe it's just me... but it seems like they go to school SUPER early! Speaking of school... I was in my car today driving to Enterprise and "Gravity" by Sara Bareilles came on and made me miss teaching. I have a feeling this year is going to be a bit difficult for me. I can't completely explain it, but my heart was aching. Every inch of me misses it... I miss the feeling of playing a REAL piano (a keyboard with weighted keys can only go so far), I miss the kids and their wacky personalities, I miss the ups and downs of rehearsal and hearing what beauty choral music can produce. I am not sure if there is even an adult choral program I can try and be apart of down here, but my passion is calling me! I also got signed up for my "college classes" to keep my loans in deferment *stupid loans*... I have decided on Calculus for Business majors (watered down and a nice ease back into math--if it happens to help me with real calculus, so be it ;-)) and intro to programing *when can computers not be handy?!*... so we will see how this goes. :-)

The days have been rather mundane lately, which is to be expected when you are in a routine... finding a job down here has been less than kind to me. I am lucky I have one right now, but I feel for the people that have and are still searching. There is a job fair on the 17th that I'm going to try my darndest to get to at least... I'm thinking printing 30-50 of my resume at our friendly neighborhood office should do the trick. ;-) Anywho, if you are the praying type... or if you at least meditate to a higher being... try and put a good word in for me... student loans are looming and I think we all know I will go crazy *no really, really crazy* if I have to sit around the house all day and play suzie-homemaker!

On to other news... I don't know how many of you know or don't know, but I'm going to put it out there non-the-less. I have been on Weight Watchers since spring break to try and learn how to eat right. I get all the time "Why are you on Weight Watchers?! You don't need to be" or nasty looks from overweight members because I "don't need it", but honestly, that is not what I need right now. I am having a hard time and I know I'm not overweight now, but I really don't want to get that way later in life either... so what I need from my friends and family is support. I had been doing really well until June, with all the change that hit me, I have been lapsing... and last week I about quit because I had been sticking to program and gained. I know *logically speaking* that it was probably because I started working out again... but emotionally... it was quite the blow. I know we all have times when we feel bad about ourselves and our weight *if you say you never have... I will call you a liar to your face--for real*, but it made an already fragile self-image break into a million pieces. I'm currently attempting to glue the pieces back together... and I think I can do it... I did lose this week. It's the small milestones, right? They do say Rome wasn't built in a day...

I guess another reason I started actually trying to eat right is for three reasons: One, looking kick-ass on Ryan and my wedding day... two, so when Ryan and I decide to have kids, I will be healthier and in the best shape to bear a child... and three, so that starting to run again will actually pay off, lolz. I really want to start training for a half-marathon *well... again*. For some reason a couple weeks ago I woke up and WANTED to run... it's been a long time since i've felt that way... so i'm going to run with it *literally*. Now just to figure out what half i'm training for. Hah!

Last, but surely not least, update on wedding stuff! Everything is still in the comatose stage of not much going on, but there are a couple things going on when I get to KC in two weeks. *can't believe it's so close o_O* First, I am setting up for a tasting for the Marriott with the parents and future in-laws... they tried telling me that four weeks before the wedding would be ideal because "it would be fresh in our minds", but who really wants the wedding food to be something you JUST had?! I just thought that was funny and wanted to share... I honestly see no issue with choosing it 5... by that time... 4 months ahead of time... then it can be a surprise! :-P The second thing I have going on is my Bridal Shower being put on by the lovely Jessica Lohmeyer, Victoria Roche, and Corrina Green... I can't believe how lucky I am to have such wonderful ladies in my life! They have totally been my rocks the past few months while adjusting to a whole new lifestyle. :-)

The rest of this month will go by in a whirlwind... so far my plans:

Aug 17: Job Fair
Aug 22: See Jen *:-P Mom...*
Aug 23: Go to KC
Aug 24: Jess' 21st Birthday
Aug 28: Bridal Shower
Aug 29: My and Nana's Birthday
Sept 3: Come home

Well... I know this blog was long and a bit spastic. *but if you are reading this... you know me... and duh* I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my life as of late... i'm sure i'll blog again in another few weeks, but for now, hugs all around!

Nicole <3

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